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Meet Nick Nichols,
The Audio Branding Guy

What is Audio Branding?

If you can...
  • Talk on the phone from the comfort and privacy of your home or office and...
  • Answer easy questions about how your business helps your target market, then you can...
Harness the power of audio infomercials to generate all the new business you want using a custom audio program that will...

What is it?

Who will benefit?

Who will benefit
from Audio Branding?

Audio infomercials are the best, fastest and least costly way to position yourself as an expert in your field so qualified prospects will seek you out!

New! Teleconference Recording and Audio Processing!

Audio infomercials position you as the expert. This greatly reduces your marketing costs and dramatically increases the fees you can charge. We are experts at creating custom audio infomercials that increase your perceived value.

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Do you want clients to seek you out and be ready and willing to pay your fee?

Audio infomercials allow prospects to hear what you have to say in the comfort and privacy of their own environments. When properly done, an audio infomercial positions you as an expert who can solve the problems of your target market.

Audio infomercials pre-condition and pre-sell qualified buyers of your product or service so that when they contact you, they will already believe you are an expert in solving the problems they have. They will be more inclined to accept your price and terms with less justification and negotiation.

Audio infomercials elevate you to a position of power!

Imagine, now, how much more fun and financially rewarding your business life will be when you are a recognized expert in your field with more clients than you need!

Are other less-qualified people in your field better-known than you are?

Aren't you getting sick and tired of hearing about other people in your field who are less qualified and experienced than you are getting the recognition and fees that should be going to you? Are you ready to take action to correct that?

Audio infomercials provide focused information about your abilities and build your reputation and image faster, easier and cheaper than any other form of promotion. What's more, audio infomercials convey your excitement and enthusiasm for what you do so prospects will get a feel for your personality.

Audio infomercials separate you from the competition!

Picture in your mind how nice it would be if your competitors weren't even on your prospects' radar screens. Audio infomercials help you get more high-paying clients!

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"When we needed to record our market outlook calls, we were referred to Nick Nichols by one of our trusted consultants. Nick helped us every step of the way, from testing to recording to editing to uploading the audio files for 24/7 listening. We were very happy with the way he was able to clean up the broadcast to remove background noise and the inevitable 'umms' and 'ahhs' that all presentations have. He even helped us find a toll-free voicemail service and recorded one of our people doing the greeting at no extra charge. We would highly recommend Nick to facilitate all your audio production needs."
”Gregory Torretti, Inside Sales Coordinator, Boston Advisors, Inc.
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